Taping and Strapping

Taping and strapping are commonly used for managing all kinds of sports injuries. The aim is to induce as much stability as possible without limiting function. Based on assessment, treatment and individual needs strapping incorporates the use of external devices which are applied to stabilise a moving joint. Most commonly used is strapping tape which your physiotherapist will apply in order to limit movement or provide a sense of stability to a joint. Your physiotherapist may recommend orthotic devices in order to improve foot posture. Alternatively your physiotherapist may on occasion organise a referral for you to see a podiatrist or orthopaedic specialist for an assessment on the basis that you might require orthotics or bracing. Your physiotherapist can organise a brace for your damaged joint, utilising one of the many suppliers that we have available.

K taping is another option (the coloured tape we see athletes wearing on tv). While there is no formal studies which substantiate the use of k tape, a lot of athletes find some benefit in having it. It is thought that having tape over a muscle can activate sensory input in much the same way a ‘spotter” touches the elbows of his mate doing a gym exercise.