Sports Physiotherapy

At KCP we have specialized in sports injuries and management for many years. Sports physiotherapy should be considered as a philosophy of “how a sportsperson should be cared for and managed”. At KCP we are authentic either by qualification or sporting history. In other words, we know what we are doing because we have lived it, breathed it and trained in it.
If you are an authentic sports person, your overwhelming desire should be to get back in that sporting arena as soon as possible. At KCP our guarantee to you is that your will be seen as soon as possible, receive a comprehensive assessment, accurate diagnosis, if any additional scans are required they will be ordered and if you need to see a specialist it will be organized as quickly as possible. If treatment is the primary management then it will be efficient, evidence based and take your sporting needs into consideration. This may require us to liaise with your coach or team manager.

The most important aspect of sports physiotherapy is injury prevention. At KCP our staff are able to provide a comprehensive biomechanical assessment which will identify any functional issues or weaknesses. Our physiotherapist will then formulate a management plan so that the problem has the least likelihood of negatively impacting your training time or sporting performance.

If you have an injury, a symptom or a problem that you feel could benefit from professional intervention, contact us right now for a consultation.