Exercise Prescription

As part of your treatment programme, your physiotherapist may recommend that some form of exercise would be helpful. From experience, everyone has their own opinions as to what is best for them – all we can do is prescribe you a stretching, strengthening or general fitness schedule based on international best practise protocols. Its your call whether or not you take that advice. At the end of the day it is said that “health is your best insurance”. Nowadays an increasing number of people are comfortable with gym training and accept that home based training has its limitations. Sometimes burst of exercise for as little as 6-12 weeks might do the trick and once better you can decide yourself whether or not you continue.
There are some injuries that wont respond to ongoing physiotherapy alone, in which case we would consider an exercise programme essential.

If your physiotherapist hasn’t discussed exercise options for some reason, please advise your physiotherapist if you would like assistance with a training programme. If you are a member of a local fitness centre we should be able to provide you guidelines for developing and implementing a gym routine. Some of our physiotherapy staff have advanced experience in this area, and can be accessed if necessary.

KCP Physiotherapy partners with Kiwi CrossFit in Manchester Street.