Health Fitness Performance


Regardless of your aim or requirements, to perform at your best you need to ensure that your body is functioning at its very best - this applies to all ages. It is impossible to get the best performance out of your body if you are carrying an injury. At the very least a problem needs to be assessed, a diagnosis provided and some kind of management plan put in place.
KCP specialises in injury management and fitness, and our focus is to provide you with a “one stop shop” to meet both your injury and fitness needs.

How do we do it?

  • Health: is about ensuring that your body is able to perform at its best, by ensuring all joints and muscles are functionally intact and comfortable throughout function.
  • Fitness: incorporates 3 distinct entities: The first involves look at the fitness markers such as strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance, speed, power, agility, coordination; the second looks at the three areas of cardiovascular output which involves the phosphagen, glycolytic and oxidative cycles: the third measures your ability to complete a specific task. We offer a full service gym that can address all your fitness needs.
  • Performance: this involves maximising your performance at all the fitness measures and specifically relates back to your sport or task that you are trying to complete. We offer comprehensive fitness testing.

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We offer full fitness solutions, regardless of your age, current fitness or health issues. Speak to your physiotherapist about taking advantage of our fitness centre, or organise an appointment to meet with one of our staff.